About The Photographer

Q- Who are you?

A- My name is Martha W. Browne. I spent my formative years in Latin America before returning to the United States where I held a dual citizenship until the age of eighteen. In college I studied Art and Anthropology graduating with a degree in Interior Design. I’ve worked for two major department stores doing window displays, fashion shows, etc. Other designers hired me for design related jobs. I also did freelance.

I currently live with my husband on a 21 acre farm.

Q- What is ‘Louped?’

A- I felt it was time to follow my heart and set up an online site for photography work. ‘Louped’ is my personal journey discovering and learning the craft one image at a time.

The blog’s name comes from a loupe which is a small device that photographers use to help magnify details.

Q- Can I take images from ‘Louped’ for my blog, Tumblr or Pinterest?

A- No. All the material here is copyrighted.

Q- Do you have another blog?

A. Yes. My blog ‘Nibs’ was started in 2007 and I continue to photograph and write for it.

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